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The special packages, designed in cooperation with the Hotel Terme 36.6, were created out of the desire to present the most beautiful things from our city to the visitors of Priboj in a representative way. 


The package called "Extreme" lasts 3 days / 2 overnights. During the package, guests are accommodated in a modern and luxurious hotel Terme 36.6.  Guests receive a standard double room, based on half board (breakfast and dinner). If you come by your own transport, you get a free parking space within the hotel.


1. day

The first day is reserved for complete relaxation in the flowing thermal pools of Priboj Spa. You can read about the healing and therapeutic properties of water on the website of Terme 36.6. Within the package you have the right to use the Spa pool for 1 hour per day and Relax massage for 30 minutes per person. Transportation from the hotel to the Spa Pool and back is provided.

The remaining time that is not included in the planned activities within the package, you can use to visit the nearby museums, theaters, cinemas, cultural and historical monuments and walk along the groomed trails.


2. day

The second day of the stay was organized so that after breakfast we went to the canyon of the Kratovska river. From the hotel you have organized transportation to Kratovo, as well as return to the hotel after the canyoning.

At the entrance to the canyon there is a traced path to the Great Cave at the foot of the peak Klik and an improvised polygon for basic canyoning training. A further walk through the canyon passes through 4 artificially drilled tunnels and over a wooden bridge, which makes the experience of staying among the high limestone rocks even more magnificent.

During the summer period, when the weather conditions allow, we practice passing through the canyon through the watercourse. The water is refreshing and pleasant even for children. The quality of the water is evidenced by crabs and rich flora. As a landmark for the end of the tour and the exit from the canyon, we take the remains of the three-story hermitage Bjeličkovica (one of the cells of the monastery of St. Nicholas in Dabar), which is located in the rocks of the eponymous massif.

The combination of a canyon training ground and walking through the riverbed creates a good basis for embarking on any adventure on a more serious level, which makes our offer called "Adventure Day", which contains all the above contents, one of the most desirable.

All participants receive complete canyoning equipment:

  • Floating vest

  • Helmet

  • Neopren suit

  • Boots

We have waterproof bags in which you can put phones, cameras and other valuables, but you must know that you carry them at your own risk. Before rafting, all the equipment you leave (phones, jewelry, keys, clothes, etc.) remains in a safe place and, if necessary, is waiting for you right at the end of the descent, along with transportation.

We recommend that, if canyoning is done in the hot summer months, that you bring adequate clothing (swimsuit, sunscreen) and footwear (sandals or water sneakers), as well as hydration fluid. When visiting the Great Cave and during the canyoning training, it is necessary to have closed shoes with a firm sole (slippers are not allowed).

3. day

The third day is dedicated to an easy walk, a cultivated hiking trail to the nearby medieval fortress of Jagat, which is located on Mali Bić (920 m above sea level).

The richness of the cultural and historical heritage is evidenced by the fact that from Priboj to the confluence of the Lim and Drina rivers, there are a total of 17 medieval towns, gardens and fortresses. Some were built on the sites of older settlements, from the time of prehistoric miners, and all of them testify to the importance of Polimlje and hide the secrets of centuries. They were recorded on archeological maps, but, with the exception of Jagat, which has been partially reconstructed and in which research continues, others have remained forgotten. From the top of the town there is a view of the valley of the river Lim and the surrounding mountain ranges and peaks.

Price does not include:

Sojourn tax in the amount of 60 RSD per night per person for adults, 30 dinars per night per person for ages 7-15, age up to 7 does not pay. You will receive instructions for paying the taxi at the Hotel Terme 36.6.

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