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Lisa stena is 1127 m above sea level. one of the most beautiful lookouts with the face facing north - east, so that the view includes a good part of the mountain range Stari Vlah, with all Crni Vrh, Banjski Brdo, Potpec Lake and Tornik on Zlatibor. While on the other side of Goleški brdo, when passing by the source of Sokol's water and the Mountain Lodge, in a place called Prepran, the view reaches the Montenegrin mountain ranges Ljubišnja, Durmitor and Sinjavina.

Lisa Stena can be reached in two ways. The first, with the help of off-road vehicles to the Mountain Lodge itself, from which it is necessary to walk 15 minutes to the lookout point. Another way is by walking along beautiful hiking trails, through deciduous and coniferous forests. It doesn't take much physical preparation to cover a 10-kilometer climb.

The cliff itself has the shape of a triangle, while its limestone surface is of exceptional quality, which together provides the freedom to safely carry out various activities on its face. In addition to the descent down the cliff, there is a particularly attractive central deck chair that serves as a plateau for sightseeing and respite, while true sunrise lovers can wait for the morning on it.

In this locality, in addition to the beauty of the largest peaks in the area, you can see and experience the magic of the underground world of pits, caves and sinkholes, or pick seasonal herbs.

Specifically, this offer refers to:

  • Climb to Lisa stena

  • Basic mountaineering training

  • Descent, stay on deck chairs and climbing, on a rock over 100 meters high

A minimum of 2 people must apply for the realization.

Za dodatne informacije možete pisati na mejl extremeserbia381@gmail.com ili pozovite na broj +381649033179 Duško, +381655506109 Aleksa

Staying and moving on a cliff over 100 meters high is an exceptional endeavor and an unforgettable experience.

No previous experience in working with ropes is required for these activities. Before going out on the cliff, the group gets acquainted with the equipment and techniques of descending and climbing the rope. 

Equipment that you are recommended to bring: 

  • Shoes or sneakers with a firm sole

  • Sun protection

  • Water

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