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On the elevation of the mountain Mali Bić, near Priboj, there is the medieval fortress Jagat.

The richness of the cultural and historical heritage is evidenced by the fact that from Priboj to the confluence of the Lim and Drina rivers, there are a total of 17 medieval towns, gardens and fortresses. Some were built on the sites of older settlements, from the time of prehistoric miners, and all of them testify to the importance of Polimlje and hide the secrets of centuries. They were recorded on archeological maps, but, with the exception of Jagat, which has been partially reconstructed and in which research continues, others have remained forgotten. From the top of the town there is a view of the valley of the river Lim and the surrounding mountain ranges and peaks.

The advantage of this locality is the proximity, access infrastructure and the dominant position that looks like an observatory with a view of the Lim river valley. All this enables the fortress to fully use its tourist potential.



Jagat Fortress can be reached in two ways.

The first, shorter and less demanding, involves arriving under the fortress with the help of a means of transport, and then a slow walk lasting 20 minutes (1.5 km), you reach the top of the Little Being, i.e. Jagat Fortress.

The second road starts from the old part of the city (from the hotel Terme 36.6), goes along the health trail on Osovnik, exits to the Tepa glade (620 m), from where the trail continues to the Jagat fortress located on Mali Bić, 920 m. The height difference in the length of 5 km is 530 meters, which takes less than 2 hours to overcome, which does not make it demanding, and is suitable for all ages and without great physical preparation.


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Time : 04:00

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In accordance with the agreement, which way to get to the fortress suits you, we make a plan and organize transport. If you are not in the suburbs of Priboj, to get to the starting point (Priboj), you must organize yourself at your own expense. Transport as part of the tour is included in the price.

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