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Considering that we cover the entire course of the river Lim, we can say that our favorite route is where we organize "relax" rafting (Priboj - Uvac).

The reason for that is that the route is rich in technical elements and has a dynamic flow, so it is suitable for everyone who goes rafting for the first time, as well as for collective and individual rowing sports. The course of the river passes through the new and old part of the city, so you have the opportunity to see it and experience it from a different perspective. The end of the descent means the confluence of the river Uvac and the river Lim. Thus connected, they flow into the Drina, which is formed by the confluence of the Tara River and the Piva River. The Drina is a right tributary of the Sava, and the Sava is the Danube.

The length of the downriver is usually determined by the water level of the river, but also the wishes of the participants, so that the route of 8 kilometers can be crossed in 30 minutes and 3 hours.

The great advantage of rafting on the section Priboj - Uvac is that not only children can go on it, but it is also desirable (7+ years). With the support and professional training of guides, all participants gain knowledge of proper rowing, rescue and self-rescue techniques on wild waters, which is a prerequisite for complete enjoyment in every rafting and safe stay on the water. If the group allows, our guides will do their best to pass on the knowledge they have accumulated a decade ago, so that after one outing, you will no longer be just observers of water surfaces, but its consumers and the voice of reason.

All participants receive complete rafting equipment:

  • Floating vest

  • Helmet

  • Paddle

  • Neopren suit

  • Boots

We have waterproof bags in which you can put phones, cameras and other valuables, but you must know that you carry them at your own risk. Before rafting, all the equipment you leave (phones, jewelry, keys, clothes, etc.) remains in a safe place and, if necessary, is waiting for you right at the end of the descent, along with transportation.

Choosing to use professional rafting boats, capacity up to 8 people, plus the ninth guide - skipper, the minimum number for realization is 4 people. If you do not have a group, you can contact us or make a reservation through the site, so we will contact you if we have vacancies at the already scheduled dates.

  • Rafting tour on the route Priboj - Uvac starts at Banjski Čamac (Dragoljub Savić, number 228) - see the map below.

  • At this location you get all the necessary equipment, general information and go rafting.

  • After the rafting is over, you will be transported to the starting position.

To get to the place where you get the equipment and start rafting, you have to organize yourself at your own expense.

Return transport after the end of rafting is included in the price.

Zahvaljajući autoru Radovanu Kovaču i saradnicima na emisiji "Izazovi avanturu", možete pogledajte kako izgleda rafting na relaciji Priboj - Uvac.


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Hello, unfortunately there is no discount for children. Although money is not our primary thing, we cannot give a discount because the prices of all our services are adjusted so that as many participants as possible can afford outdoor activities. Our guides and organizers have a lot of work to do and take care of the safety of each participant (especially children). Accordingly, we have an obligation to draw attention to security and our commitment in this symbolic way.

Respected, for the realization of a rafting tour, the minimum number of people in one boat is 4. Accordingly, we are not able to organize a rafting tour for only one person. If we have a place in one of the boats when it suits you, we will contact you to join us.

With respect,
Extreme Serbia team.

Hello, for rafting on the Lim and Ibar rivers, we use professional rafting boats with a capacity of up to 8 people, plus the ninth guide - skipper.

Depending on the date of the appointment, we can organize rafting for groups of up to 150 people in one day.

Greetings, depending on weather conditions and personal preferences.

If rafting takes place in the warm summer months, you can wear active / swimwear, shorts and a T-shirt with sun protection.

If you are prone to hypothermia or you do not like cold water, we provide additional neoprene suits with short or long sleeves.

As for footwear, you can wear sandals or other footwear with a firm sole. You can also take rubberized neoprene water boots from us.

Of course, all accessories that contribute to water safety are included in the price.

YES! The safety of the participants always comes first.

All participants receive the necessary equipment for a safe stay on the water.
Each participant received a floating vest, helmet and paddle, we provide additional equipment as desired.

For years, our team has been working to raise awareness and combat the established practice of rafting.

Therefore, the consumption of alcohol and psychoactive substances is prohibited before and during the activities we organize. Any participant who disobeys this rule, we have the right to remove from our activities, for his and others' safety.