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Not far from Priboj, there is a protected natural asset (II degree) known as "Sopotnica Waterfalls". The area is protected on the basis of primary natural and floristic features, aesthetic-ambient and morpho-hydrological value.

The waterfalls are located in the eponymous area of the Prijepolje municipality and form a unique natural malt on the slopes of the Jadovnik mountain, between Milesevka and Lima, at 1,100 meters above sea level. The main feature of this right tributary of the Lima are cascading waterfalls from 5 to 25 meters high.

The waterfalls themselves can be reached by car for most of the year. In this locality there is an arranged exit, with marked walking paths, benches and rest tables. Since the Sopotnica waterfalls are located in the village of the same name, there are households that sell authentic local specialties and handicrafts of this area.

For a complete experience, there is the possibility of going down the ropes next to the waterfall, with prior training.

Before booking, you choose whether you want the whole arrangement (with a descent down the waterfall) or part - only transport. The whole arrangement includes:

  • Transport to Sopotnica Waterfalls

  • Basic mountaineering training

A minimum of 4 people must apply for the realization.

No previous experience in working with ropes is required for these activities.

Equipment that you are recommended to bring: 

  • Shoes or sneakers with a firm sole

  • Sun protection

  • Water

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