Choose one of the unusual adventures in nature

Cliff of Lisa stena

One of the most challenging activities from our offer is descending a rock over 100 meters high, with a beautiful view of a good part of the mountain range Stari Vlah, Crni Vrh, Banjsko brdo, Potpecko Lake, Tornik on Zlatibor, as well as our small town on Lim.


No previous experience is required for the realization of the activity, because before going out on the cliff and descending through it, we will get acquainted with the techniques of using ropes and accompanying equipment.

Canyoning Tribuca

Considering that a group needs to be formed for the realization of the canyoning tour in one of the most beautiful canyons in Serbia, you can express your interest in participating and we will inform you about the departure dates. 

Kanjoning Nevidio

Obzirom da za realizaciju kanjoning tura treba da se formira grupa, možete izraziti interesovanje za učestvovanje a mi ćemo vas obavestiti o datumima polaska. 

VIA FERRATA Sokolov put (Romanija-BiH)

A specially marked and arranged hiking trail, which is secured with steel cables and stumps that can be held and walked on, is a special type of activity in nature. Moving along the path itself is not strenuous, but it requires a certain level of psychophysical readiness. 


If you are interested in going to the ferrata accompanied by our guides, apply, and we will send you the necessary information and dates of planned departures.

Suceska Climbing

The most attractive natural sports climbing area is located on the site of the municipality of Priboj. 

Stena je opremljena sa preko 70 smerova i njihove težine variraju od 4 do 8a+. Penjanje i najlakših smerova zahteva određen nivo fizičke i mentalne spremnosti. Ukoliko se odlučite da se oprobate u ovom sportu, prijavite se, a mi ćemo poslati osnovne informacije o načinu realizacije.


You can have an unforgettable flying experience all year round, if the weather conditions allow it. Dates and places where we will perform tandem flights will be announced soon.


If you are interested in more information about the flight and the organization, apply to be included in the list of interested parties.

Contact: +38165506109